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As much as I'm looking forward to TFU, I can't help but see it as a gimmick to promote its new graphic and physics engines. Some of the screenshots make some of the more powerful KOTOR force powers look like 'Youngling Powers'. Now I seem to recall people thinking that KOTOR powers were unrealistic but this game is just showing off now and taking it to an extreme imho.

Yes its pretty extreme and I'm sure it will be a great game when completed but I can't help but thinking that LA is promoting 'The Force Unleashed Engine' more than anything else. If you really wanted to show the force unleashed, they'd have set it in the KOTOR era where the force allows thousands of republic soldiers and jedi to convert to the dark side on one Malachor V and wipes a Miraluka world clean of all life...

Now thats what I call the Force Unleashed

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