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Peter walked forward, several ripe complaints on his lips. Then the SECOND demon came at them. His Jericho roared, it's last bullet pinging off it's armored scale. He winced, then turned around and bolted. Good thing it was his upper body that had taken the beating. As he ran, he fumbled in his pocket, pulling out his keychain, running through the various holy symbols. Need to start carrying holy water. He held the Star of David and a Crucifix between two fingers out behind him as he ran, though judging by the overloud breathing behind him, it wasn't particularly effective.

Dania wasn't far ahead. He put his keychain back in his pocket and brought his pistol back out, reloading as he ran. He spun around as he reached the exit and began firing at the Demon. The shots panging off it's armored hide seemed to slow it down a little, if only by the virtue that flinging pebbles at a meteor should slow it down.
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