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Latch glanced up at Kadis and resisted smirking at their new pilot. He'd thrown himself headlong into the role after Alec had decided to let him stay on board, going over every nook and cranny of the Scimitar, oftentimes to Jyot's chagrin. "It's like he's trying to steal the Scim away from me," the blonde engineer had complained.

Despite that, the new additions to the crew had transitioned and integrated fairly well. Kadis was still irascible and outspoken, but a bit more tempered now that he was off Bryndar. Ellie had almost squealed with delight at being given a new fighter to pilot and had set to work customizing it to suit her desires, spending a bulk of her time in the hangar bay. Colin had also gone a similar route with the medbay, rearranging it to suit tastes. He was as particular about placement of things as Stitcher was, which was only mildly amusing to Latch, as the Corellian gunner had grown fond of the young medic over the short time he had been with them. Raelyn was the odd one out, often flitting about the ship seemingly lost in her own world, to the bemusement of Alec and the rest of the crew.

Pocketing the sabacc chip he'd been idly flipping through his fingers, Latch stood and headed aft towards the galley, intent on finding something to eat.
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