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The sound of her boots on the durasteel floor of the ship sounded almost alien to Ellie, despite the fact she had been on ships for the better part of her life. It had only been - what, a few weeks, a month or two? - since she had been on a ship...but it seemed to feel like it had been so much longer than that. Regardless, she was glad that she had finally managed to return to the place she loved, and get her way off of that damn ice ball of a planet.

She was currently finishing her very first circuit of the ship, managing to find herself wandering first through the empty galley, then through the med ward, the dormitories, cockpit, common room, and finally into the engine room. She had left the engines for last, knowing that she would find herself lost in the complicated machinery. The last thing she was expecting to find there was Jyot.

Coming to the door, she lifted her arms and rested her hands against the top of the door frame as she looked out into the large section of the ship, finding the mechanic standing there, seemingly in his element. "After all that would seem we have a Jedi among us this entire time." she said, grinning and biting down lightly on her lower lip as she noted his apparently meditative state. She waited for him to turn around and spot her before dropping her arms and walking into the room, her fingers sliding into her back pocket. "Having fun, Jyot?"

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