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Originally Posted by Char Ell
TGDaily reports that Microsoft has shipped Milestone 1 of Windows 7 to "key partners."
Interesting...I also read that they want to take Windows back to basics so it wouldn't be such a resource hog all the time (if you look at how long it takes XP or Vista to load, you know what I mean), will they be able to do it? Time will tell...

Here's another couple of items:
VIA announces "Isaiah" CPU
^ I like the name of it lolz, but if it's to compete with AMD or even Intel even in the low-end market, it's still got a long way to go IMO.

Shuttle goes 45nm with Intel
^ Looks quite interesting if you want to go for a next-gen Intel CPU (note: Astro, remind me to pick your brain about Shuttles again, I'm still toying with the idea if it should be my next rig or not )

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