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Originally Posted by Tarridus
Yes its a pretty extreme and I'm sure it will be a great game when completed but I can't help but thinking that LA is promoting 'The Force Unleashed Engine' more than anything else. If you really wanted to show the force unleashed, they'd have set it in the KOTOR era where the force allows thousands of republic soldiers and jedi to convert to the dark side on one Malachor V and wipes a Miraluka world clean of all life...
I do not know if you were just wishfully dreaming or what, but LucasArts certainly wouldn't do that, because the KotOR world is still not in the Star Wars "mainstream". I'm not talking about canon, but mainstream. Ask an average guy about Star Wars and he'll say Darth Vader, Millenium Falcon, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo etc. and this is the larger crowd that LA wants to target - hence the Darth Vader apprenticeship.

KotOR, if tackled at all, will be through comics (which are obviously for SW-Geeks) or future KotOR Sequels (wouldn't expect a spin-off).

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