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James looked behind him and saw Kate lagging behind, turning on his step he began to run back towards her. On reaching her he grabbed her arm and began to run back to the door pulling the witch along with him. “This is no time for a pleasant stroll.” He joked as he helped the women along as the piranha headed creature pursued them.

James and Kate were the last two to pass through the doorway, Dania quickly slammed the old metal door behind. James let go of Kate’s arm and put his hands on his knees to hunch over and breath heavily. “I think… we… should avoid… the catacombs for a while.” He stated continuing to breath in and out heavily.

The entrances used to access the catacombs were underneath some of the tube stations on the London underground. You had to walk up some out stone steps and then through a sewer grate next to the track to get out of them. The Third Eye Investigators did this and came out at the Westminster station entrance. It didn’t take long to get from the station to the offices in Leeds Street.

James walked into the lobby/reception area throwing the ring a few foot into the air and catching it. “So who feels like being the delivery boy?”
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