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“Leeds Street?” Joanne Feathers read the business card she had gotten from the strange man in the police station as she walked along a crowded London pavement. She didn’t know exactly where it was, but being as she had just passed a Newcastle Lane and was just approaching a Durham Way, she figured she was going in the right direction.

She flipped the card over. “Daniela Santos,” she read. “Hmph, sounds foreign. Typical. Our own police force is run by a bunch of inept idiots, so it’s only logical that someone would have to hire in foreigners if they wanted to get the job done.”

She paused unexpectedly in the street. “That is assuming that these so-called ‘professionals’ are any good at investigating.” A few feet in front of her, a ceramic planter pot suddenly crashed down to the pavement having fallen from a residential balcony in the tenement building she was standing in front of. Without looking up from her card, she held up her hand and shouted upwards, “Yes, I’m fine! That’s quite alright, accidents happen!”

She had only just taken her first step forward again, when a flustered looking woman peered down over the balcony at her. “Oh! I’m so sorry! It just slipped out of my hands? Are you alright?”

Jo waved upwards again, still not looking up from the card as she picked her way around the broken shards of pottery and scattered dirt on the ground in front of her. “Yes, no harm done!”

Approaching the junction of Durham Way, she abruptly paused and looked up, just a second before a fast car squealed and skidded its way around the corner as it turned onto the street. Had she stepped off the pavement, the vehicle certainly would have collided with her.

“Maniac!” she hissed under her breath. She looked left then right, then crossed the road. “It’s a wonder more people aren’t killed on the road, with people like that who can’t drive!” she complained out loud.

In a few moments, she had found Leeds Street and was following the numbers down towards the address listed on the card for Third Eye Investigations.

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