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And there is a Mod that puts new updated models into JK DF II btw. Poster, yes indeed you will LOVE this game i really think, it is an amazing achievement of game design, the levels are awesome, the settings and the in game vids are superb and it is an all around winner, head above most of the most modern super graphic games that are really just shoot em ups on speed. This game is one of the very best I have ever played, and will remain a classic, along with JK Academy which you should play after this one. The first two, actually three if you add the expansion to JK DF II, MOTS, Mystery of the Sith, are all interesting storywise but quite a bit older in terms of graphics but you can tweak at least JK DF and JK DF II with the right in game settings to get a very respectable appearance to the graphics with the engine they used. Have fun, and may the Force be with you!.

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