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((Semi-sorta joint post with SM... something we worked out yesterday ))

Immediately after reaching the offices of Third Eye, Dania took James aside to a small, heavily armored room. "It's that time of month," she told him softly.

"Ah, you mean where you get all moody and aggressive?" he asked. There was a pause in which Dania nodded, and then James added, "We are talking about the full moon, right?"

A second nod from Dania. "The full moon, yes." Worry etched itself into her face. "The moon's tomorrow night, but I'm feeling less in control than I ever have before. Let's get this done with. You had better not need me for the next three days."

"And if we do?" James inquired. Dania growled softly.

"I won't care, remember?" she shot back. "I'll be insane." James nodded and led her to the back of the little room, where a set of chains were hooked to the wall. Once Dania was securely chained to the back wall, James turned to leave.

"The room's a little small," he observed. "Don't go crazy in here..."

The two of them laughed softly, as they knew that was precisely the reason Dania was chained... to go crazy as her Werewolf side would make her without causing damage to the beings in the world around her.

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