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Originally Posted by neon_git
Yeah that confused the ****
The **** what?

Bavaria is not Germany, Bavaria is Bavaria. No that was a joke. Bavaria is Germany.
I say a-ber.

And what is a "equivalent"?

"Aber and Inver as place-name elements

Aber comes from a Brythonic word meaning confluence or river mouth and appears in Welsh, Scottish and Breton place names. Standing alone, it is the popular short form of the following Welsh place names:

* Abergwyngregyn
* Aberystwyth"



* Aber Diamond, a Canadian diamond mining company.
* Aber is also the name of a company that makes photo-etched brass detailing sets for model military vehicles.
* Aber is the German word for "but".
* ABER is an abbreviation for abduction with external rotation, an important position of the arm for MR imaging of the shoulder
* ABER can also be an abbreviation for abercrombie"
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