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"Down boy," she said, a grin just as playful as his surfacing on her lips. So she hadn't been imagining the way he eyed her from time to time...and though she suspected that something was significant - or, at least, had been significant - between the mechanic and the pilot that had stayed behind...a bit of harmless flirting couldn't really hurt, could it? "This retail's not for sale."

She looked up at him as he drew closer, the height difference between them only becoming more and move obvious with every step. "I actually haven't found the fighter yet." she said, her smile a little sheepish before turning flirtatious again. "But I've been working on mods on swoop bikes since I was seven - I think I should be able to handle a little fighter."

As he came to stand before her, she looked up into his eyes and raised her own eyebrow. "Here's the question, though," she said, "Do I not have to, or would you rather I didn't?" she asked, her hand extending so that her finger came dangerously close to touching his chest before she stepped to the side and slipped by him, moving further into the room. "I was actually planning on looking over a few of the machines. I'm curious - even if I'll never have to touch them."

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