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“Oh, good afternoon.” Jo stepped inside the office. It was tidy and a bit more Spartan that what she was expecting, but all in all looked rather normal. “Joanne Feathers,” she introduced herself to Peter. "Pleased to meet you."

"Hi." James introduced himself walking over to the woman. "So are you looking for a Private Investigator or are you just a little lost?"

“Probably a bit of both,” Jo answered matter-of-factly. She stuck out her hand to him in greeting. “I’m actually looking for a…” She looked down at the card in her other hand. “…Danni-ella Santos? Forgive me, I’m not very good with pronouncing foreign names.”

"OK, erm... That's not quite possible at the moment." James replied.

“Oh.” Jo let out a tiny sigh. “Yes, I probably should have called first. Your colleague I met on the stairs on the way up here said she was in, but I hadn’t considered that she might have been busy. Perhaps I can make an appointment for later today?”

From somewhere in the offices, a muffled wailing picked up.

"Sorry but she won't be available for three days." James informed.

Jo gave him a hard stare. “What was that?” she asked, and she nodded towards the back of the office where she had heard the strange noise.

"Erm... That would be Dania." He stated.

“Dania. And is that not the nickname of Miss Santos?” Jo’s eyes narrowed. “Because I distinctly remember your very odd colleague on the stairs mention something to that effect.” She peered over James’ shoulder, trying to see into the back. “Is she ill or something?”

“Well that would depend on your definition of ill.”

“Well, one of my definitions of ‘ill’ would be to find oneself in such a state to cause painful sounding wailing.” She glared at James, and then started to push past him. “I want to see her. Miss Santos?!” she called out.

The wailing came from behind a vault-style door, securely fastened, but at Jo's approach, it seemed to die out for a moment. The rattling of chains was faintly heard, and then another yelp echoed through the door.

Jo looked over her shoulder at James. “My God! What is going on here?!” she asked him, plainly outraged at hearing chains rattling behind the vaulted door. “Miss Santos? Help is here, dear, don’t worry!”

Jo whipped out her mobile phone from her bag. “I’m calling the…” She paused then, thinking how silly it would be to call people she had absolutely no faith in. “No,” she said, slowly closing the phone. “I am not going to call the police.” She pointed to James. “But you are going to open this door right now and let that poor woman out so that I can take her to a doctor.”

“I can’t do that.” James stated. “She kind of gets violent this time of the month.”

From behind the door, there was a muffled shriek... and then a string of screamed words, all of them unintelligible. And then, the wailing resumed.

Jo’s mouth dropped. “You’ve locked her in a vault for it being her ‘time of the month’?!” She shook her head with disbelief. “What kind of man are…?” Her demeanor suddenly changed. “You open this door, right now, young man!” she said in her best pissed-off mum tone.

“OK.” The detective replied. “But trust me you won’t like the outcome.”

Dania was curled up in a corner. The chains were lying loosely around her, though it was evident she was still chained to the wall. As the door opened, her wailing stopped and she stared at the doorway. Her face was practically flooded with tears. 'Crocodile tears', the Third Eye team had dubbed them. A flash of something like hope flickered in her eyes.

"You'll let me out?" she whispered. Then, her eyes fell on Jo. "Oh! Visitors! So rare, so rare..." She bent her head once more and fell into silent sobs.

“Oh, how horrible! Of course I’m letting you out, dear.” Jo wheeled around to look at James, her eyes narrowed now into slits. “The key?” she asked, holding out her hand in an authoritative manner. “For her… chains.” She said the last word with a twinge of disgust, horrified that such a pretty young girl could be treated in such a despicable manner.

Softly, in a way that would have been impossible for the average human to detect, Dania's sobbing turned into silent laughter. This was too good to be true!

As Jo's back was turned, Dania raised her head, an inhuman gleam in her eyes, and she grinned at James.

As James hesitated in giving the key to Jo, she felt as if she should take it from him. Before he had a chance to protest, Jo had the key in her hand and was just about to approach Dania when….

Jo paused. Then looked more critically at Dania. “Ah.” She stepped back slowly and handed James the key back. “I’m terribly sorry,” she apologized to him. “I shouldn’t have interfered.”

Dania's expression had been halfway eager, but at that it shifted fully into shock...

"5...4.." James began to count backwards and pushed Jo backwards a bit.

"You... you what?" Dania gasped.

“…3…2…” James continued stopping in the doorway.

"But I... I..." Dania's expression darkened.

“I expect she is going to throw some sort of temper tantrum now?” Jo asked, allowing James to direct her back to a safe distance.


With an inhuman yell of rage, Dania bounded forward. The chains jerked her roughly back just short of the doorway.

"Monster!" she screamed. "Inhuman, cruel creatures! Let me out of here... now!" The chains began to groan. Dania stopped for half a second. "I'm only half anyway... I have control! Let me HUNT!" She tugged again and one of the chains snapped... and she screamed, "Let me hunt!"

James slammed the door shut before Dania managed to reach it then turned to Peter. “We need stronger chains.”

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