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Originally Posted by Sven_Q45
Bavaria is not Germany, Bavaria is Bavaria.
Joke or not, you have no idea how many times I've had this conversation with someone from Bavaria. I don't know if this is representative of the views of the majority, but so many people down there say Bavaria should be independent from Germany as a whole. And Franconia should be cut off from Bavaria too.

Anyway, by a "German equivalent of RP" I mean the correct way to pronounce things in German. In English, for example, we have Recieved Pronounciation (RP) also known as the Queen's English. This is how rich/posh people talk and it is considered to be correct. Since I learned German in Bavaria I have a Bavarian accent and I don't know "Proper German". Which is why I suggested I could be wrong.

EDIT: I guess that would be the hochdeutsch you were talking about earlier.

You mean the way the sea stays steady as a rock and the buildings keep washing up and down? Yes I thought that was odd.
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