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I need to tackle more Call Of Duty soon...

Well the snow turned out to be a dud. Got about 3 inches in an hour... then it stopped, and never came back, despite the nastiness on the radar.

Could have made the movie, no problem.

Ah, well... live and learn (?)

Played some head-to-head Ace Combat with my buddy from work, instead. That was a blast. Been a while since I've been in a dogfight with a real live person. It was a challenge,.. but I think I did pretty good.

Them we teamed up and tried the timed co-op missions. Didn't do as good there... though we got really close a couple of times, we kept running the clock out.

We've found our respective roles, though: I'm the air superiority dogfighter, and he chooses a heavy attack plane to work down the capital ships.

Works out nice. And once I wipe out the defensive fighters, I can move over to help him.

Ah... work in the moning. Oh joy.

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