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Latch decided he missed Stitcher even more now as he stirred the small pot over the first. The young medic had also been an exceptional cook and had provided the crew with many a tasty meal over the course of their travels. With him gone now, everyone was forced back into fending for themselves or trying out culinary experiments, which wasn't a project suited for a crew of professional bounty hunters.

The chime next to the stove dinged, so Latch extinguished the flames and moved the pot off of the heat. His concoction of prepackaged nuna didn't smell all that bad, but he hoped the taste was at least somewhat passable. Ladling up a small amount, he brought the spoon to his lips and tasted his creation. "Mmm..." he murmured, pleased with his effort. "Could use a bit more spice though..." He reached over to the next cupboard and withdrew a shaker of spice and sprinkled some liberally over the stew. He stirred a few times, then covered the pot with a lid as he pulled out a plate and dinnerware.

As he set the small mess table, he had a thought to have Jyot try some as well. Grabbing another place setting, he set it on the table, then swung out the door and strode down the hall towards engineering. Poking his head into the large room, he spotted Jyot standing in the middle of the floor. "Hey Jyot, I've burned up some nuna, want to give it a try?" As soon as he spoke these last words, his eyes focused in behind Jyot and upon Ellie. "And you're welcome to it too, Ellie," he offered. "That is, if you dare try a Corellian man's cooking attempt."
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