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Originally Posted by zelda 41
....i think she was kidding.
Maybe, but SMON originally listed it as part of,

Originally Posted by Smon
I think it's an easter egg, other notable eggs:

@The infamous "Stump Joke"
@2HB in the clouds
@The hidden picture in lungfishopolis
@Jumping in Napoleon's castle before moving pieces makes Napoleon angry at you.
@Not really an egg, just a coincidence, the way Lil Oly drifts away at the end of the game is very similar to how Kairi drifts away at the end of Kingdom Hearts
@I like applesauce
The first two and the fourth one I've seen myself. The Lungfish picture is listed in other places on the 'Net. Not being familar with Kingdom Hearts I can't comment.

Poster "Odd" also seems to confirm it, claiming to know "most of that stuff" and questioning only the picture in Lungfishopolis.
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