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A feral roar rips from Thanar's throat as he charges into the fray, quickly being confronted by a hulking behemoth of a man wielding a beautifully carved wooden club. Not hesitating for a moment, Thanar threw his whole weight into an arcing overhead blow, which the man easily parried. However, the barbarian did not consider that his weapon was made of wood, and a grimace of fear came across his face as he looked at the massive crack that had split his weapon nearly in two. He began to backpedal before his nose was broken by the hilt of Thanar's warhammer, knocking him unconscious. Thanar waded deeper in to the melee, focusing on a target only long enough to move them out of his way as he moved towards his spiritual charge, the Knight Dragonsbane. He only managed a few steps before a crude stone blade glanced off of his armor. The wielder, a wiry, rat-like man, looked slightly disconcerted at this before pulling his backup weapon- a fine steel dagger of Ayaran make. He was too quick for Thanar to stop, and the dagger plunged through the chainmail and deep into his left shoulder. With a shout of pain and rage, Thanar let his warhammer slacken, and with his free right hand, grabbed the man by the throat. Now weaponless, he began to scrabble against the mailed hand that held him fast. Thanar began to choke the life out of the man, and as the barbarian lost consciousness, Thanar gave his neck a vicious twist and threw him at the nearest barbarian before continuing on.
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