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Kate walked out from the door behind the reception desk letting out a long yawn, as straightened her hair. She looked over at Peter and James talking to women with a horrified look on her face. She rubbed her eyes to make sure it wasn't her just her eyesight. But sure enough after peered at the women once again, the same look of horror was there. A disgruntled client, not a first. No need for concern she deduced.

She lazily slid onto the reception desk and let her legs hang of the side. She reached for the phone and put it up to her ear. "Hey Pete! You want some Chinese?"

Kate knew how much he detested being called Pete, but she was the only one in the office who could get away with it.

When the investigation team had first met Peter, they had both been hunting the same vampire. They team's lead took them to an abandoned house where the target had nested. The building itself was missing a good portion of the roof and water had leaked down into the basement where the vampire hid from the day. With the cellar flooded, it was easy for Kate to move around undetected.

James had instructed everyone to be cautious, even Dania was told to remain hidden until the perfect moment. Peter had chosen to attack directly, but the vampire had been more he expected. After a few rounds of fighting back and forth, Peter fell back into the inches of water on the floor and the vampire held his weapon above the hunter's neck. Then Kate rose from the water behind the vamp as if it had been much deeper. Just before he brought his knife down into Peter's chest he erupted into a pile of dust. A wooden crossbow bolt along with all the ash fell into the water in front of Kate's feet. She offered a hand to the hunter and since then he had been with the crew. Even Dania had given her props for beating her to the mark.

Besides proving more use than when her specialized 'talent's were needed, she had gained a good friend in Peter. He had saved her since then, more times than she could count.

"Hey boss you want something too?"

Then there was James, their leader, their captain, a sort of savior. He had given them all jobs and security. He was also a great friend.

"I have this friend who likes to use similes...he's like...he's like....annoying...."
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