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found some cool stone thing in oblivion that recharges most of my enchanted weapons. it's awesome! The enemies are starting to make me use tactics instead of just swinging a sword at them. Gonna have to get more experience with the blunt weapons...too bad it's a minor skill. The bow is very good, but i run out of arrows too fast. I've got half the amount needed for that house in Skingrad. I've been refraining from using the fast-travel feature and just exploring caves and ruins on my way to leyawiin (coming from chorral). Bears aren't bothering me as much anymore, mountain lions are getting easier to take out. I want to get into the arcane university so i can start enchanting some bad-ass weapons. Trying to get my alchemy skill up as well, this way...i can enchant a mean daedric bow and dip my arrows in poison...that combined with going into sneak mode for the x3+-x6+ damage...would be freakin awesome!

The temperature is rising rained, but it's very icy out. almost fell down my stairs. -_- once it's 50 degrees and up i'll get out and start jogging. Considering buying one of those cheap mp3 players that go for about $45-$50 at walmart to give me something to listen to when i start running.

Didn't do my taxes today....i may go onto the site later and see what i can do on there, from what i hear it's really easy...but i am having doubts. -_-

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