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Originally Posted by Jove

A glitch I had was Raz getting stuck on the path to the elevator up to Dr. Loboto's ladder. On the right side about halfway down. He sank ankle deep into the floor and moved like his ankles were caught. Had to use the bacon to get out.
I'm having that glitch again right now. Raz is on the path down to the elevator up to Dr. Loboto's ladder. Just got Nils' brain and had the cutscene with Sheegor, "Go back right now or you'll be very, very sorry!"

Raz is just barely to the right of the middle of the stairs and twitching semi-transparently doing the walking animation without any control input.

He's one step down from the third pair of support pipes for the overhead ironwork on the stairs.

Any walking, etc. is done in place. Jumping animation is done in place. No double-jumping since he never gets off of the ground.

Use the bacon to get free.
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