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Originally Posted by MJ-W4
Hey Negs, you have to give them some time to get the latest stable kernel running properly in their distro. I mean, they're n00bs, so we really can't expect them to flawlessly run KDE 4.0 right away.
lolz, touche

Using sound waves for better coolig, eh?
^ Sounds interesting, if it really increases performance then it's quite good obviously...I just wonder what the retail price would be.

HD3870 X2 very attractive both performance and price wise.
^ I looks like AMD really does have a winner on their hand here, with a GPU that outperforms the 8800 Ultra and is a couple hundred $$$ cheaper...

HD3870 X2 break 3dMark 06 record!
^ For those who think it isn't fast enough at stock speeds, here's some action of it OC'ed with watercooling and breaking records

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