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"We should reach the station in about an hour, folks. It's nice to be back aboard a ship again, especially one that isn't a garbage barge like I've been on the past two months. "

Arelyn looked up at Kadis, studying him. They had not gotten off to the most auspicious of starts, but Arelyn didn't hold grudges, especially against people she had to work with. He'd proven himself a capable pilot, though his skill in battle would prove to be the true test of his abilities, especially with regards to herself and Latch as gunners. Now that he was aboard the ship, he seemed more amicable than he was on Bryndar, a function of better surroundings, no doubt.

"It's probably a lot warmer here than what you've been used to," she remarked quietly, rubbing a piece of cloth down the barrel of her rifle.
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