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Smile Had BETTER days...

Perhaps someday I'll finish Battlestar Galactica (The Hardest Flying Game known to Man)...

Found out today I have TMJ (which stands for Totally Messed-up Jaw, as far as I'm concerned.) I had a tooth pulled last week, and thought I was developing a dry socket infection and went back to the dentist. Turns out no, the socket isn't infected...there's just a misalignment now in my mouth which causes:

1. Plugged-up ears.
2. Jaw pain.
3. Ringing in the ears.
4. Dizziness.
5. Migraines (which I was already getting.)

The fix? Expensive partials--which I had always hoped to avoid getting whether I could afford them or not.

Enough whining. Yar. *(Burns down a French privateer. Piracy and mayhem, etc.)*

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