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Originally Posted by Zoom Rabbit
Found out today I have TMJ...
Have a mild form of that myself. My jaw snaps and pops loudly enough for other people to hear several yards away.

But other than the ringing in my ears (which probably has far more to do with my chosen profession of listening to loud bands playing through louder speakers...) that's the only real symptom I have...

Speaking of loud bands:

Tonight at work... yeah.

I wish my first run on the new system had been something smaller, low key, and far lower profile.

But no. It wasn't fated to be. A large rhythm section, with 10 vocalists, and horns.

The speakers sound nice... but the band's sound is so cluttered, it's really hard to tell.

High-light of the day:
Spilling most of a cup of tomato soup on my pants shortly after arriving to work. Yay.

Always fun wearing sticky, crusty, smelly clothes all day on a longish shift.

And supposedly there is (or shortly will be...) a 360 version of Galactica. I'll get it as soon as I see it.
I need more flying games. First person shooters are fine for what they are... but will never replace my first love.

PS - We need to break 300 posts by the end of the month. Almost there now. Shouldn't be difficult.

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