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Originally Posted by Darth Moeller

Not sure how long you been a Bowie fan, but ask anybody here, and it goes back a long, long way for me. Ever want any suggestions, just shoot me a PM. So far, you are on the right track with those two. And my personal favorite would be Outside if you don't have it already.

Have not been buying too much, but I did pick up one new game this past week:

I never been big on Racing Games, but the Burnout franchise falls into the so fun it's stupid category of gaming bliss. This one, you can just drive around a full blown open world city, and just do whatever the hell you want. Kind of like GTA without leaving the vehicle or third person shooting stuff. When you want repairs, you drive to a garage, when you run low on fuel, you drive to a gas station. When you run out of money, you drive to a key location, and do one of the events. It's a great deal of fun, and a milestone for the franchise.
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