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CoOP would be able to save OJP, but ONLY if it were to be combined with another gamemode. For COOP to work we would need at least two full-time mappers dude, it isn't profitable nor realistic to assume that we can still pull that off in "accepted" limits. Me and the guys have been in the process of mailing a lot of authors, though, and with some luck here and there we've gotten a few returned emails too.

I think if you really want an OJP campaign, our only shot would be to ask permission for maps that would seem suitable for a Coop/TFFA combo and try to get as much life in it as we can through scripts and events. But again, this would require a mapper with a lot of time on his or her hands to decompile the thing, trace everything that frucks up, not even mentioning the work that has to be done in the first place.

I'm sorry UDM, I personally think that our future lies in TFFA, as much as I'd like to get KOTOR into JKA.

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