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Originally Posted by hatae55
Bodies piling up means laaag and taxing on computers. 200+ bodies means 200+ individual renders and objects.

also, on bodies, in BF1 i was sniping and the AI kept bumping into me. make it so you cannot push some one (at least on you own team, pushing an enemy off a cliff sounds fun). Also get rid of the dead body collision models, I got slowed down by them, and a second in battle is an hour elsewhere
Well what jawa says, by a better comp then but maybe they can do just that when you died the body stays there until you die again, and than that other body disapeares.

On the xbox 360 and ps3 this shoudn't be a problem so let the bodies be visible when dead, and it would be very cool when you can see the burnholes of the blasters that hitted him on his armor. (high detailed off course)
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