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Hi, I am new here so i'm not sure how much my opinion counts, but I would really enjoy any co-op maps made.
I think that perhaps between ep1-6 would be the most iconic for us, but like I said any time period would provide me and my friends a large amount of enjoyment. I think the idea of asking for permission to use others maps would be a good one, however I have never used fan made content before so i'm not sure how fimilar the maps would feel to those who have been around longer.

Maybe abit off topic be I just wanted to thank you guys alot for adding bots to siege mode and the co-op. I got JA quite afew years ago and me and my friends spent some time playing the stock CTF.
I remember atleast 4-5 times over the past few years, I thought how great it would be to play co-op, but for some reason my searches never lead me here.
I just found this project yesterday and quickly installed JA.. and already, the amount of fun it has provided....
well thank you (refering to the whole OJP team) so much again for this mod.

Also I really liked how you made the effort to include the cutscenes in the campain version! Anyway, sorry for the slightly off topic rant I just felt that I atleast owned the OJP team a large thank you for all the fun they have already provided, even in the period of a day!

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