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Lacking the grace of his counterparts, Thanar rushed through the battlefield. As he saw Dragonsbane fall, his speed seemed to increase tenfold. Charging full tilt, bashing barbarians out of his way as he hurried towards the fallen Knight, a prayer on his lips and rage in his heart. The barbarians began to clear out of his way as he neared Aeron, and he took a wide stance in front of his charge, panting heavily as blood began leaking out of his pierced shoulder. "SIR AERON NEEDS A PHYSICIAN- AND SOMEONE TAKE CARE OF THAT DAMN ARCHER!" Thanar took another swing at the encroaching semicircle of barbarians that had formed around the tree - a few leapt back, out of reach, while a few on his other side advanced a few steps. He began to hum a battlehymn as he watched the group warily, but the tense standoff continued. Luckily for him, it would be a bloody hard shot for that archer to shoot him through the wall of men.
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