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Thanar's cry for aid rang over all the noise of the battle. Kaleah quickened her movements on impulse. She was needed and the barbarian she was currently engaged with was no longer of importance. She faked an opening, the brute fell for it. When he moved forward to strike she moved aside just in time to let the blade miss disemboweling her. She put her free hand on his wrist holding the axe and brought her sword down on his arm, slicing it clean off. He crumpled to the dirt, screaming and holding his new bloody stump.

Kaleah sprinted to her pack with her healing supplies only to be cut of by another of the Neanderthals. She kept running full force, hoping to intimidate him, her blade raised above her head. He held position as she came at him. Just when she swung her sword thinking she would down him before the stupid oaf would even react, she was hit. His club met her side sending her flying back.

The air from her lungs burst free, leaving her on her backside gasping. Kaleah's sword dropped from her reach and landed several inches away. She laid there reeling from the blast and when she finally caught her breath, she was staring up into her foes eyes.

"I have this friend who likes to use similes...he's like...he's like....annoying...."
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