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Someone's Worse Nightmare
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Like before Alec say at the desk by his console rubbing the space between his eyes with his thumb and forefinger. Raelyn was right the pills weren’t working and his headache persisted getting worse as time passed. He closed his eyes for a few moments trying to concentrate on something other than the continuous pain he felt, but it was futile. He slowly opened his eyes and looked into the consoles screen, it was off and reflecting his image back at him in the darkness. In the reflection over his shoulder he also say the dead Jedi behind him, his expression didn’t change as he looked at her reflection and slowly shook his head.

“You’re not there.” Alec said out loud in an attempt to convince himself. “You’re just an illusion.”

“I’m not an illusion.” Son’Ti replied, Alec swivelled his chair right around to see that Son’ti was actually standing there. “At least I don’t think I am.”

“So you’re Ghost?” He asked. “Why are you haunting me?”

“I’m not a Ghost and if I was I wouldn’t be haunting you.” She Stated taking a seat on the edge of Alec’s bunk. “I’m in your head.”

“Well, Get out!” He ordered.

“Trust me Mr Tannis I wouldn’t be here if it was my choice.” The incorporeal Jedi explained. “I am here simply by the will of the force.”

“Why?” He simply asked after a long pause.

“That I do not know, Perhaps I am here to teach you, guide you, aid you…”

“Or the force has a twisted sense of humour.” The captain conjectured.

“I have a tendency to agree with you on that point.” She smiled. “Either way you’re stuck with me, in side that head of yours.”
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