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Jo cleared her throat before sitting down carefully in the chair. She smoothed out the creases in her skirt, set her bag down beside her on the floor, took a deep cleansing breath, and then cleared her throat.

"Mr. Burke, I'm looking for a private investigator to find my daughter, Rachel," she said, getting straight to the point. "She disappeared from a carriage on the London Eye and has been missing for over a week now. She is 6 years old, 3'8" tall, weighs 45 pounds, has brown hair, brown eyes, and was wearing a dark blue school uniform.

"And before you ask, yes, I have been to the police. No, they have not come up with any leads. No, there doesn't appear to have been any witnesses. Yes, I am extremely worried, and most definitely desperate, and can pay you in cash if you decide to take on my case.

"And yes, I do realise I do not look like the type of person who would seek out a private investigator based on merely a business card handed to me by a very strange, predatory-looking gentleman who was handcuffed to a chair in the police station when I was on my way out. But I have a hunch that you can help me, and I normally trust my hunches." She looked over her shoulder, in the general direction of Dania's lockup. "No matter how ludricious they appear to be at the time."

She faced him again. "Thankyou, I take a splash of milk and one sugar." She stared at him for a moment, and as he appeared to be just slightly confused, she added, "Tea? If you were going to offer me tea, I take milk and one sugar."

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