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"Opening, opening, opening, gods I'll become your most devout servant if you just give me an opening." Nish was getting desperate, despite the efectivness of fighting with Kaleah, and the amount of barbarians killed by others, they where still loosing. He wanted to flee, but had seen no oppening, and he didn't fancy his chances of breaking trough on his own. So he stuck with Kaleah, cuting those ocupied with her, redirecting blows to her armor, and jaming weapons to give her the coup de grace.

Catching an axe headed for his neck, he redirected it towards Kaleah's plate, releasing the axe from his scimitars, he could only watch as the barbarian used his momentum to drive the axe into the side of his gut. He had just removed the barbarian's grin before he pain jolted him into conciousness. His wound burned worse than anything he had felt before. Was he dying? And where had Kaleah gone? Tying some rags around his wound, he hoped it would keep everything inside at least untill someone could take a look at it, or someone killed him.

Seeing his only chance of surviving lying in front of a rather pissed barbarian, Nish rushed towards the barbarian. His legs wouldn't have any of that however, and he fell face first while his blades where sent flying towards the barbarian. His sight went hazy as he saw one blade embed itself in the barbarians spine. Then everything went black.

Checking out seems not to do much.

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