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Things were not going well for Algren. He was doing his best to avoid the attacks from the two barbarians when he heard Thanar's shout.

It destracted him for a moment and a barbarian axe made its way to his left shoulder, the armor couldn't resist the strain and the blade made its way to Algrens flesh. The pain should have been great, the cut went from the shoulder to the elbow, but in the battle frenzy Algren barely noticed he was wounded. All he saw was his opponent giving him an opening, and his sword find its way inmediately to it..., as the barbarian fell to never get up again. One foe left, and he had to be quick, Thanar's tone of voice demand it.

One on one the brute was to slow for him, and in a mater of seconds Algren's sword found the barbarians neck, it was over. He looked up and saw kaleah and Nish lying on the ground, but he couldn't help them now. He had a more pressing matter to attend..., "Now, where's that archer...", just then a sharp pain made its way to his left shoulder. There was already a nasty cut in it, and now there was also an arrow resting deep inside. Algren's sight went black as he fell backwards to the ground... the sounds of battle seemed far away now...

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