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"I put it down to natural intuitiveness," Jo stated plainly, as she gratefully took the cup of tea. "Combined with sharp observation, a keen sense of character, and plain 'ol common sense."

Jo nodded her head in the direction of the door. "Take your 'colleague' Daniella, for example. At first, my perception was that she was a prisoner. But observing the glint in her eyes, and her crocodile smile, told me she is not. And if there is a special equipment set up for her and standard procedures that your other employees follow, that indicates that her behavior is a regular routine." She paused. "And she is very similar in appearance to that predatory man I met in the police station who gave me the Third Eye business card."

She carefully sipped her tea. "She is predator, plain and simple. And for you to hire her as one of your colleagues, the only thing I can conclude is that you, sir, deal with occurrences that are outside of the realm of what most people would consider normal or mundane. Of which, the disappearance of my daughter most certainly is."

Another casual sip of tea.

"So, are you willing to take my case, Mr. Burke? If so, I'd have to run down to the bank before it closes to take out the 500 retainer fee."

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