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Originally Posted by Toliver
Can you access your inventory? If you have the bacon, try seeing if you can use it to get out of the lesson. Or see if the smelling salts will work to get you out.

If that doesn't work, it's possible that you might be able to shift the selection. Are you using a game controller to play the game? And have you already gone through Sasha's Shooting Gallery? In one of Sasha's shooting lessons, you learn how to move the target lock onto different objects (the three lamps that you have to shoot in numerical order).
You should be able to push the button to target Ford Cruller and then, while he's targeted, you can shift the camera until the target selection moves from Ford Cruller to the trash can. Both items will not be selected at the same time.

If this doesn't work, then yes, you've lost two hours of gameplay.
And I'd recommend from now on saving your place in the game often.

Those are actually really awesome answers. The Bacon causes Cruller to pop out of my ear with a warning about how he'll eat the bacon if I pull it out to close to him. Raz decides against using them if I pull out the salts.

The controller targeting trick though, that should probably work. Too bad when I load the save game, it goes back to the cinematic before that scene. Which, on the upside means I'm no longer stuck. =/ And makes me feel like an idiot for posting the question.

I really appreciate the quick answer though, glad to see an active community for such a great game.
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