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Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
Poking his head into the large room, he spotted Jyot standing in the middle of the floor. "Hey Jyot, I've burned up some nuna, want to give it a try?"

As soon as he spoke these last words, his eyes focused in behind Jyot and upon Ellie. "And you're welcome to it too, Ellie," he offered. "That is, if you dare try a Corellian man's cooking attempt."
"Food? I'm there, man," Jyot said. "We can do the engine room tour later, El." He gave Ellie a once-over look, grinned, then sidled carefully around her and headed for the door.

"So," Jyot said to Latch, "when we land on the station, how about we pay a visit to Zeek's? I'm dying for a drink. A good one, that is. And I think Alec might be needing one, too. Have you noticed that he's been acting a bit odd lately? Talking to himself and stuff." He shivered. "It's weird."

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