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"On it, boss."

He'd been eavesdropping on the conversation. Being a lone wolf for half his life had taught him a few things. He pulled out his cell and dialed, reaching into his jacket and running a checklist. He'd be fighting humans, maybe with supernatural allies. Best to pack heavy, then.

She took it a lot better than I did when I found out about the paranormal. Odd. Most people think we're crazy.

He shrugged. The phone was ringing, so he went and collected his shotgun and shells, loading the weapon up with regular twelve gauge and keeping a few reloads and his Dragon's Breath inside his jacket.

"Claude Fitzgerald..."

"Claude, it's Peter. Boss says to meet us at the Necro Crypt. Fresh job." He hung up.

As he put his cell phone away, he fished his .38 out. It was a small weapon, a pea-shooter - except for the silver bullets. He slid it into an ankle holster. When you don't know what to be prepared for, be ready for anything.

"Boss, Claude's been alerted, and I'm set to go."
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