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Originally Posted by Toliver
Not sure if this is a glitch or if it's supposed to happen...
In the Waterloo level, you make Raz bounce on the trampolines to achieve different goals.
I've been replaying the game and twice now I've had Raz bouncing on a trampoline when all of a sudden he would bounce about twice as high as he normally does. It was high enough that he went up off the top of the screen and the camera didn't even follow him.
I have no clue as to what triggered this "super" bounce. The second time it happened I was able to use Psi Float off the Carpenter's roof to easily get all of the figments hanging in the air (which normally take a couple of attempts to get all of them).
Has anyone else experienced this "super" trampoline bounce? And, if so, do you know how to trigger it on purpose?
If Raz is under a trampoline and jumps up he'll magically move through it. If he jumps while moving through he gets the super bounce.

This explains why Raz can't get underneath the trampoline next to the cabin in the Kids' Cabins area. Also why some of the trampolines in Waterloo World have wooden grids underneath preventing him from getting under them.
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