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Kaleah rolled to the side as the barbarian fell to the ground. A scimitar was protruding from his back. Thank Rhillor for comrades. She looked for Nish, expecting to see him remove his saber from the dead barbarian, but instead she found him on the ground a few feet away. There were no barbarians nearby. It seemed they were all fighting to get past Thanar.

Her side ached as she pulled herself up and moved to Nish. His chest was slowly rising and falling, but he didn't respond as she spoke to him.

"Nish, open your eyes. Speak if you can hear me! Please..."

Blood was soaking through a makeshift bandage around his gut. She applied pressure on wound as she unwrapped it to take a look. Luckily it appeared that none of his organs had been stuck. She pulled her pack closer, digging through its contents.

The wound would have to be sutured, but for now a poultice would have to do. She laid out the wet herb wrap over the wound and carefully wrapped a clean bandage around it. It was difficult to move him without causing him pain, but he didn't seem to react. She finished and she had done it quickly and as efficiently as possible. Took off her cloak and laid it over him, then turned to find Algren nearby laying with an arrow in his shoulder.

As she sprinted in his direction an arrow flew past striking a soldier in the back of the neck. She looked and found its source gazing back at her, already removing another arrow from his quiver. Kaleah ran at him. She wasn't going to let him notch the arrow. He watched her come and just as he put the fletching to the string, her fist hit him square in the jaw and the arrow dropped to the ground. She slapped the bow from his hands and he retaliated by striking her in the temple.

Kaleah didn't allow it to phase her. She pulled out the small knife on her waist that was usually meant to cut bandages and thrust it into his gut. He fell into a fetal position and held his stomach. With the archer taken care of she turned to face the on going battle.

It wasn't a pretty sight. Bodies lie everywhere. Thanar was fighting back the barbarians along with a few other soldiers and she could not see Aeron past the wall of combatants. There was nothing she could do for their lord at the moment, except wait for his guards to finish off the last of the attackers. Instead she ran to Algren's side to see if he was still alive. She knelt beside him to check his vitals.

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