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A real question, not just me being dumb

Well, it might be kinda dumb...

Anyways, I need some input on a weird email.

My main assumption is jsut spam, but i think its a weird kind of spam. Here, just look:

from: Evan Richmond <>,

to: me

date: Jan 31, 2008 4:10 PM
subjectre: Converting Windows app to Mac

Is there anyone else besides CodeWeavers that can help convert a Windows app to Mac? Do they have any competition?

The application we're looking at converting is located here:


Evan Richmond
Innovation and Development Partner

Thinking outside the inbox!

7000 N. Mopac Expressway
Austin, TX 78731
Phone: 512-514-6757
Direct: 801-450-8237

Notice & Disclaimer: This e-mail is a confidential communication and is intended solely for the recipient named above. This communication may contain information that is proprietary, privileged, trade secret, or otherwise protected by law against unauthorized use or disclosure. This message and any files or attachments transmitted with it, are transmitted on a reasonable expectation of privacy. If you have received this message in error and you are not the named recipient, please immediately notify the sender at 512-514-6757 and delete this message and any attachments from your workstation or network mail system. Do not copy or transmit this e-mail and any attachments. As a result of interception or interference, no assurance can be made by the sender that this communications integrity has been maintained in its original format.

12K View Download

Now, I assume spam, but dont see anything unless they just want me to click the link, which I assumed wa a virus, but, I looked up think360, and it seems to be a real company, I still ahvent clicked the link yet, but google brought up a bunch of links to the site, and other sites talking about the company...

Now, I dont know this guy, or make any posts where someone could get my email address and think I would have any idea what hes talking about. Plus, my email address being a made up word, it would be hard for someone to type in something random and have it go through. Plus as far as I can tell, I'm the only person to get the email, doesnt appeart to be mass sent.

Any ideas? Maybe this guy has a virus thats sending **** out or what?

Called the number, got a recording for Think360, said their hours of operation and asked if i wanted to leave a message.
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