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Announcing another tempbeta release of the world's bestestest JKA mod!

-Aside from bug fixes, people can now use their jetpack to glide over the ground for a small amount less fuel. Seekers should now also be doing only mishap damage and no DP damage.

-Almost every weapon has new effects, try out the rocket explosion
I'm not pleased about the jetpack's effects, but I'll leave them like that until we can all figure out what to do with it together. T-21 needs to get single projectile fire soon.

-Every style is now different from the other. Djem-so for example has the fastest combo-ability but has longer windups and cooldowns. Blue comes out of bounces the fastest while having relatively slow attacks, Juyo has the shortest windups and cooldowns and has a special feature that'll you notice when you combo someone; there's a small pause after every succesful combo that'll help you make combos more confusing by allowing you to have more time to switch sides. Some sides switch faster than others, experiment!
Makashi has an edge over almost every other style when it comes to saber dueling, and its bounce returns are pretty fast.

-Almost every style has undergone some smoothness changes as you'll notice ingame, the styles (especially Juyo and Makashi) should be a hell of a bit smoother than they were previously. Incase someone doesn't like the changes, I commented everything I did and left the formulas I used for calculations

-Bajillion small anim changes like getting knocked down or pushed.

-Almost forgot: in the process of adding new attacks to Dual/Ataru to make it more useful, currently have two added (Right and diagonal left) and I think they spice up both saber combat and its looks. Try it and tell me what you think.

There's probably a lot more that I'm forgetting but who cares! Get this now you son's 'a bishes.****zs7

For screenshots check out the first 12 pics in my photobucket album:

Rofl, the link says "C" "U" "N" "T" where the asterisks are. It's being blocked by the LF wordfilter, just add it yourself or check out the OJP website for the link.

Known bugs:
-Sometimes bowcaster shots can be observed through walls, no idea why this is but I think it's cleared.. not entirely sure though.
-Jetpack upwards velocity is very high. Darthdie fixed this but is having computer trouble so I don't want him to go through the painstaking process of compilation
-Shii Cho might be a bit overpowered in comparison to the other styles, let me know.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, check out our new webspace:

Full article:

Thank JaSK

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