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"The Necro Crypt?" Jo gave James an inquiring look, but without waiting for him to answer, she then headed off to one of the office desks.

She grabbed a large handful of facial tissues from a box sitting on the top left corner, then a ruler and a few pencils (after first inspecting them to see how sharp the were), a couple of rubber elastic bands, and a few paper clips. She then opened her bag, which was a large one, not too full, but with everything that a mother of a six-year-old might carry around, neatly placed the office items inside it, and closed it up tightly.

When James gave her an odd sort of look, she said, "Sounds dusty, cob-webby, and dark, and one can never be too prepared." She gave him a nod, signalling that she had nothing else to say on the matter.

"So, Mr. Burke, are you certain that one of these occult groups operate out of this 'crypt?'" she asked him plainly. "Or is this little foray into the underbelly of London just a 'shot in the dark,' so to speak?"

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