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Jyot stared at his plate for a moment, then stabbed a chunk of nuna with his fork and put it in his mouth. He started to chew, then slowed, then swallowed. "Ye--ah," he agreed slowly. "Not sure if our new doc cooks, or even if his sister does, but I think we're all gonna miss Stitch."

He readied himself for the next bite, but before he could make the transistion from fork to mouth, he felt a grin start, a laugh coming, and couldn't stop it no matter how hard he tried. "Latch," he said chuckling, "not that I don't appreciate your efforts, man, but this is got to be the toughest nuna I've ever had the misfortune to eat!"

He finally was able to take a breath and then said, "Maybe we should ask Alec if we can hire a cook for a our next job, eh?" He wiggled his brows. "Hey! Maybe we can find a nice Alderaanian waitress on station that's sick of her job and seeks adventure."

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