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Someone's Worse Nightmare
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“The Crypt is a place where all the darks tend to hang out, the guy who owns the place keeps his ears to the ground… If anyone know where your daughter is he’ll be the guy.” James informed as he opened the reception desk drawer and pulled out a tranquilliser dart gun, he also took out a dart filled with a mysterious silver liquid.

The liquid was a unique silver based compound that had one sole use, it was used to suppress a hybrid werewolf’s aggression during the full moon. Unfortunately it’s silver nature made it poisonous and meant the chemical could only be used once every couple of months or it would have dire consequences.

James walked over to the secure door and very quickly opened the door and fired the dart into the corner of the safe room. It hit the girl in the shoulder and the detective quickly sealed the door again, he did this as the chemical takes around a minuet to take effect and shooting an angry werewolf was not an intelligent idea.

“When Kate gets back we’ll head out.”
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