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Got a call yesterday from not-my-girlfriend (a young lady I was once romantically interested in, but who chose another dude who eventually turned out to be a good friend, and she more like a dharmic sister) who moved up by Salem last summer.

Her boyfriend is a special individual with a lot of good points (my estimation there) despite being mildly schizophrenic. While he was living down here before, he was on meds and doing just fine--he seemed like a normal person who was just farther *out there* than the rest of us. However, after returning back to his hometown with her and her kids in tow, he discontinued the medication because it was causing health issues with his heart. Needless to say, he went loopy...and she had him put in the local psych ward.

He dumped her. Although he's resumed taking psych meds (I don't know what kind, but I assume it doesn't affect his heart,) he still doesn't want to be with her. From the sound of things, she was being mean to him--not unlikely, knowing her--at a time when he was fragile and tenuous in the mental sense, then 'tossed him in the loony bin.'

I told her to wait until he's back in his right mind, then see how he feels. He might see then that despite her faults, she does have a big heart in the first place...

If not, I'm totally gonna bird-dog that chick. Hoo-yeah!

My dental issues are getting better. I do have the TMJ after all, but it's getting better. Now my jaw is just sore as opposed to the plugged up ears and dizziness. Apparently, my facial musculature is simply readjusting to its new shape.

I'm off today. I feel like drinking.

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