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It hadn't taken long for Kate to make the trip to the corner Chinese place. She walked through the agency doors with a couple of full sacks of warm food.

"I'm back!" She moved to the desk without hesitating and started unpacking the plastic bags.

"I'm so hungry I could eat .... well... a lot." She turned and faced the three of them and smiled brightly at the woman. "There's plenty for everyone."

Then she caught Jamesí face. That ever so familiar 'We have work to do' look was there. She stopped smiling then. She let a long sigh.

"Don't tell me, I already know." She repacked the food and shoved it into the small fridge behind the counter.

"So where are we off to boss?" Her smile returned even though her stomach growled.

"I have this friend who likes to use similes...he's like...he's like....annoying...."
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