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Kevak stared out the window of his office. Today was not a normal day, Kevak could sense it.
"Senator Leeilles, Two men are here to speak with you," said a feminine voice.

"Let them in," Kevak replied.

The two cloaked figures entered through the doors in a matter of seconds.

"What is so important that you had to see me, you both know its risky having these meetings!" Kevak barked coldly.

"Lord Kevak...

"Please, Senator Leeilles," Kevak said before the man could say his sentence.

"Senator Leeilles, the jedi exile is here on Kiffu," said one of the cloaked men.

"Are you positive?" questioned Kevak.

"Yes sir, we sensed her through the force," replied the other one.

"Damnit, not now."

Kevak was quite familiar with this exile although they never met face to face. She had taken down 3 sith lords with ease. The worst part was she managed to convert one of them. The last time Kevak had seen such a display of skill was when Revan defeated Malak and his forces. Kevak had fought Revan once himself. He knew Revan's task was great but the exile's was even greater. She would be a challenge to bring down, but maybe just maybe he could convert her to the dark side.
Kevak pushed this thought out of his head

Lets get serious here Kevak thought to himself.

Kevak cleared his head for a split second.

"Alright," he said at last. "I know what we must do. I will get a messenger over to her. You must try to help him find her first. He will relay a message to her for me. I will invite her and her company if she is not alone to dinner. After dinner I will request a meeting. It is there where you two will be hiding and wait for my signal. I will say I am very thankful you are taking the time to talk to me, and then you jump out. You both may die or not it makes no difference to me, now leave."

The two cloaked men turned around and left the room. Kevak went over to his intercom and hit to button.

"Could you please send Kijar in"

"Right away Senator"

A small kiffarian entered into the room

"You called sir," said Kijar.

"Kijar, I need you to take a message for me."

"Yes senator, just tell me what to say."

"I want you to approach a Tysyacha Dvyx and tell her that Senator Leeilles would like to... no would be honored if she and her company if she is not alone would come join me for dinner in honor of her defeating the sith."

"I can do that but I dont know where to find her," said Kijar

"Just talk to the two men outside they will tell you where to go," replied Kevak

"Yes sir, Im just glad all the war ended and the sith are gone," stated Kijar, and with that he left.

Kevak turned his gaze back to the window.

"You dont know how wrong you are my boy, this is just the beginning... the beginning of my Dynasty," replied Kevak as he chuckled to himself.
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