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hi...just bought a this game : GOLD PACK...has a 1.5 update.....yet i find the SAVE time at GALAXY take long time.......during intial game ...the size was only 5-15MB.....soon it reached at 88MB during this mission(when we need to rescue pilots) i have reached till NAL HUTTA ...yet save file has increased upto 115MB.. .......takes upto 2 min to save!!!! i cant even play the game...because i have saved on GALAXY and whenever i need to attack other planet (LAND or SPACE) takes a long time to load the level....(bcos it autosaves..hence..)....all i want to say is the QUICKSAVE is not QUICK !!!

my configuration --
AMD X2 4000+
2GB transcend RAM 667Hz
Asus m2a-vm(play on my onboard x1250)
250 GB sata HDDseagate
ati catalyst 7.10
windows VISTA ultimate

plz tell me solution for it !!! ......
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